“When did you start drawing?”
-I started drawing before I could talk. My brother and I developed our own visual language to explain our thoughts before we could verbalize them. We drew lots of other things too, I drew animals while my brother drew houses. (My older sister fancied horses and practiced trotting and galloping.)

Eventually, I discovered the magic of reading and writing. The conversation with pictures and words continues to this day.

“I have a Picture Book story I have written and/or illustrated, what do I do next?”
-Join SCBWI (Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators). You will find resources such as: where to find classes, critique groups, and other professional information pertaining to the Children’s Literature Industry. I include more info. in my blogpost, “Paths to Publication”.

Can you recommend any references materials?
I have compiled a handy-dandy list of books to learn about writing and illustrating for children’s literature, on my blog. [+] more good reads…

“Are you hiring?” -No, I am not.

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