Alicia SchwabAlicia Schwab writes and illustrates for children’s books. A large influence on her stories stems from growing up in the lush wooded hills of southern Wisconsin. The forest shrouded their home creating an almost secret world immersed with wild things. Her architect Dad’s constant construction and deconstruction of parts the house caused the occasional curious creature to tip-toe inside to see what all the fuss was about. Alicia also spent many happy hours building forts with her siblings and drawing with her older brother. Now she lives in Minnesota with her adventurous husband, daughter, and their puppy-dog that accompany Alicia on long walks past ponds and marshes.

Alicia illustrates with acrylics and pixels. After she obtained her BFA in art and design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, her career began by co-founding a graphic design firm in Hannover, Germany where she illustrated non-fiction books, magazines, and business newsletters. Since returning to the States, she has illustrated the books: Great Group Skits (for teens); Good Grief/Pet Loss (for adults); and a book for St. Catherine’s University. In her free time, Alicia is the Illustrator Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator for SCBWI Minnesota where she launched and facilitates the chapter’s Postcard Gallery and the annual Banner Contest.

Additional items Alicia has illustrated for:

  • Books
  • Books in German
  • A pop-up book
  • A cereal box
  • Instant potato packaging
  • Business newsletters
  • Newspapers, brochures and magazines
  • A dental hygiene campaign
  • Growth charts
  • A house portrait
  • T-shirts, mugs and calendars
  • A city banner



“One of the things I receive rave reviews on about my book is the cover art, so beautifully rendered by the talented artist Alicia Schwab. From my babbled description of what my intent was with my book, she created my touching, poignant cover.” -Sid Korpi, author of Good Grief, Finding Peace After Pet Loss

“The StKinfoclients (and) several others are all just blown away by (Alicia’s) illustrations. The colors, texture and composition surprised and delighted them. However, the most impressive is that, to a person they all commented on how (Alicia) really understands us.” -Carol Evans-Smith, Art Dir. at St. Catherine’s University for the book: St Catherine University: Guide to Reflective and Intentional Giving

“Alicia Schwab is a unique creative force with excellent skills. She’s easy to like and brings a worldly and whimsical presence to all her work. We were always delighted with her work and working with her.” -Deb Grossfield, Controller at Albertsson Hansen Architecture, Ltd.



2011 Green Book Award—(Category: Animals) for the book: Good Grief.

2010 Premiere Book Award—”Best Book of the Year”, (Category: Self-Help) for the book: Good Grief.

2010 Reviewers Choice Award from Reader Views (Category: Inspiration/ Spirituality) for the book: Good Grief.

2010 IPPY—Independent Publishers Book Award (Category: Pets/Animals) for the book: Good Grief.

2007 Plymouth, MN Fine Arts Council, 2nd place Banner Contest.

1997 Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design

1996 Germany’s Most Beautiful Book Award, (Category: Science)

1993 AIGA/Minnesota Design Show


“When did you start drawing?”

bwch20lrgI started drawing while learning to talk. My brother and I developed our own visual language to explain our thoughts before we could verbalize them. We drew lots of other things too, I drew animals while my brother drew houses. (My older sister fancied horses and practiced trotting and galloping.) Eventually, I discovered the magic of reading and writing. The conversation with pictures and words continues to this day.

“I have a Picture Book story I have written and/or illustrated, what do I do next?”

Join SCBWI (Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators). You will find resources such as: where to find classes, critique groups, and other professional information pertaining to the Children’s Literature Industry. I include more info. to the different types of publishing in my blogpost, “Paths to Publication”.

Can you recommend any reference materials?

I have compiled a handy-dandy list of books to learn about writing and illustrating for children’s literature, on my blog page. more good reads…

“Are you hiring?”

No, I am not.

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